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Bitcoinwallet.com uses usernames to represent wallets. By using our API, users of your 3rd party application can provide their bitcoinwallet.com user name instead of their hash address. Instead of asking your users to enter their hash address just ask them for the username they easily remember. By calling the API for that username you access all the user's public addresses for as many cryptocurrencies as that user has.

To retrieve public addresses for a username, call https://[username].bitcoinwallet.com/api to return the following JSON:

{"coin":"Bitcoin","wallet_id":"16S12Q2sXbMZNGib5JHmndUfQtZYuKMuFy","wallet_name":"Buy me a beer!","wallet_type":"primary"},
{"coin":"Namecoin","wallet_id":"Mw2sDXdKhj6Nf1UuCiivkYAw652ztFzRTg","wallet_name":"My Namecoin wallet","wallet_type":"secondary"},
{"coin":"Litecoin","wallet_id":"LVHdEnYGTYPgGgReMi2XXmxDPYUXFBosdV","wallet_name":"My Litecoin wallet","wallet_type":"secondary"}

The username's primary bitcoin address is identified in the JSON as "wallet_type":"primary". You can present your user with the wallet_name and the coin to allow them to choose which of their wallets they want you to use in your system.

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